Club Policy

We have a few common sense policies under which all members of the club agree to be bound.  These have been created for the safety and protection of our members, the environment in which we drive and the land owners who very kindly allow us to drive on their land.

What is the SGRC policy on Social Media?
The club expects members to refrain from posting details or photographs of runs on public social media platforms to protect the privacy of the land owners who kindly allow us to drive on their site and other members.  Please click here for our full Social Media policy.  

Who is responsible for Children?
If you bring a child (under 16) to a green road run or driving day, you are responsible for their safety and must to be able to see that child, or know where they are at all times.

May I take photographs of children not in my care?
If the child is identifiable then you must have permission from a parent or guardian for that child.

What insurance does the Club have?
The club holds public liability insurance, so if you collide with a wall and wreck your pride and joy we are covered for the wall.

Does the club have insurance which covers my vehicle?
No, the insurance of your vehicle is entirely your responsibility.

Does SGRC support The Scottish Outdoor Access Code?
Yes, we are careful to leave areas as we find them and litter free.

Are there any special requirements to take part in a Green Road Run or Driving Day?
The club insurance requires that all vehicles carry a 2KG Dry Powder fire extinguisher and first aid kit.  Please ensure that extinguishers are securely stored or mounted in your vehicle.  In addition, all vehicles on a Green Road Run must be road legal, insured and anybody driving must hold a driving licence.

In order to minimise the risk of the introduction and spread of harmful organisms or pests to forests and land, it’s important that all vehicles are clean at the start of a Green Road Run.  Vehicles should also be cleaned as soon as possible after a run, especially if you plan on visiting other woodland sites.  Landowners may request that vehicles be treated with a disinfectant prior or post run, in which case the club will treat wheels, tyres, arches and sills of your Land Rover with GPC8 at an appropriate dilution.  A data sheet is available on request.

The committee reserves the right to suspend or cancel membership of any member who is found to have broken club policy or where a members conduct is considered not to be within the spirit of the club.