Frequenty Asked Questions

Are you a Land Rover only club?

Yes, to participate in a Green Road Run or one of our Training Days you must attend in a Land Rover.  

Do I need any special driving skills?

No, courtesy and common sense will suffice!

Does my vehicle need any modification to take part?

You don’t need to modify your car to take part in our Green Road Runs or Training Days; however recovery points will assist if you get stuck.

Do I require any special equipment?

The club insurance requires that members carry a first aid kit and 2kg dry powder fire extinguisher.  You don’t need anything else; however may benefit from having a recovery rope/strap and shackles.  Ropes designed to tow cars aren’t suitable for offroad recovery, so please get in touch if you need any advice.

What else should I bring?

Suitable clothing, remembering that many of our runs are high up in the hills of Scotland!  Lunch and camera are also essential.

Are there toilet facilities on runs or at events?

No.  We try to start our runs at areas with toilets but this can’t always be guaranteed, especially on training days. Once we’re up in the hills or deep in a  forest there are no toilet facilities.

What does each event cost?

Green Road Runs are £10 and training events are £20 for the first driver, then £5 thereafter for each additional driver.