About The Scottish Green Training Club

We formed The Scottish Green Training Club (SGTC) as a sister club to SGRC for members to have the opportunity to improve their driving skills in different off-road driving scenarios that may not always be possible on our Green Road Runs.

SGRC members are automatically registered as SGTC members at no extra cost.  The club is registered with The Association of Scottish Car Clubs and the Motor Sports Association and events are organised within MSA regulations.

We meet three or four times a year at a closed off-road sites where you can try a number of different training scenarios to learn new skills, improve existing ones and see just what you and your Land Rover can be capable of with the right driving technique.

We have a number of members who are experienced off-road drivers with winch equipped vehicles so you can have fun in the knowledge that we’ll always be there to give advice or get you unstuck!  If you’re unsure about any stage then jump in with one of our team and get tuition before you try it yourself.

The club gazebo and BBQ are always on site at training events so you can bring something along to cook for lunch… we love our food!

You must be a member of the club to attend these events; and like our Green Road Runs you need to be in a Land Rover.    You don’t need to be in a road legal vehicle on a training day, and many members trailer their off-road toys to training days to have a bit of fun and put on a show for the rest of us.

We encourage the highest standard of driving conduct on training days and we don’t participate in any speed events.